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About Dean G. Allen, PhD


I began my Wellness Consciousness Career in 1977 when my clinical psychology internship required me to create my own university course that I taught for three years called “The Psychology of Consciousness”.


This course coincided with my doctoral dissertation research using science to light a clearer conceptual view of our MIND-BODY-SPIRT Life-force energy flow and connection, which I first attempted to do with biofeedback.


After teaching 'The Psychology of Consciousness' I did Wellness and Stress Management for executives at a resort in Florida until 1987. 


Then after finally giving up on what I could do with "psychology" as I knew it then, I began using an advanced Infrared Technology that scientifically mirrors human Physical, Emotional & Mental processing of our Spirit LIFE-FORCE energy flow that mirrors our 23 pairs of chromosomes.


INFRARED SCIENCE tracks the electrical energy flow of organ/gland energy circuits of power.  It then uses our organic map to decode and reveal our triggered patterns of Unconscious Emotional Decisions that are predictably creating problems in our Life: Body, Business & Relationships.


My 40 years of unveiling clarity for how humans function has forced me to be able to raise clients’ CONSCIOUSNESS for their Unconsciously Programmed Decisions so they HAVE CONSCIOUS CHOICES to make Clearer Decisions Quicker, which gives them the ability to align with the Ways/Laws of Reality that is needed to create their Spirit's desires.


I now have 23 years of observing 1000's of clients with infrared science that reveals MANY Self-Evident TRUTHS and shows a clear view of energetic Reality, which then allows us to make clearer decisions quicker!


My TWEETS of (Reality for) Consciousness allow our perceptions of Reality sufficient clarity TO BE quick enough to have POWER in our MOMENTS to create and prosper in Wellness, Health, Business & Relationships!


This Consciousness Pathway has already enlightened 1000’s of clients and now you can Light Your Path with 100+ TWEETS of CONSCIOUSNESS in an enlightening sequence of clarity for HOW ENERGY WORKS in the Reality of Human Functioning.

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