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These BodyTalker Testimomials from Dr Allen's clients, spans 23 years of doing this work on 1000's. These are their stories telling how their BodyTalker work with this new infrared science empowered them BY letting their BODY tell them about their LIFE!

Revealing My Root Causes was "Truly Life Changing."

"My sessions with Dr. Allen have been truly life changing. This work has revealed to me the root causes of all the ways in which my life has been a struggle from being out of balance on all levels from the physical to the spiritual."

"A healing modality that Clearly Shows All the Pieces of My Personal Puzzle!

"In Dr. Allen's "BodyTalker" work, I have found a healing modality that clearly shows me all of the pieces of my own personal life puzzle in all of it's intricacy. I am now better able than ever before to make conscious decisions about my future based on what I have learned about myself through my BodyTalker scan."

"I Now See how every "Problem" in My Life was Created!"

"In my sessions, we traced back through traumatic events I experienced and the decisions (resulting from them) that I (unconsciously) made about my self, my life, and life in general. I came to see how these core wounds and beliefs created every "problem" experienced in my life."

Sessions Enlighten Your Consciousness!

"The wonderful thing about bringing all of this to consciousness through a BodyTalker session, is that I now have the opportunity to acknowledge my experiences, become aware of resulting unconscious beliefs, see the connections to my history and state of health, and integrate all of this into a new state of consciousness that is far more expansive and freeing. Ultimately, I now see that every experience is designed to bring me a greater capacity to be Divine Love; ...that is what it means to me to be healed, healthy, whole."

A ‘Key' to "Who am I and What am I doing here"

"Through my work with Dr. Allen I have seen the gift of my experiences, even the painful ones. A huge benefit of this work is that it reveals what our life stories are really all about, and that even our Dragons teach us, and that we receive the full gift of our truth once we are able to face them with courage and integrity. This work is very life affirming and offers a key to the door into "who am I and what am I doing here."

"I was astounded by Dr. Allen's Ability (using the BodyTalker system)"

"I have worked with Dr. Allen for 3½ years. In our first session of work together, I was astounded by Dr. Allen's ability (using the BodyTalker system) to so closely identify my major issues and life patterns. In my continued work with Dr. Allen, I have realized progressive, evolving, and insightful unfolding of myself in the realization of "who I am and how I function." I have been involved with various holistic health, self-help, psychological, metaphysical, and spiritual studies for over 25 years. I feel that Dr. Allen's work with the BodyTalker system has been an invaluable tool and a key contributing factor in making major changes in my physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual health and well-being. This work carried forth by Dr. Allen, is a brilliant, cutting-edge, scientific validation for recognition and alignment with the truths of the new millennium."

"A Roadmap I would Certainly Recommend!"

"My BodyTalker experience with Dr. Allen was amazing. He was on target with the scan and the difficulties I was experiencing. I think in addition to the scan, one must do the individual follow-up work. The guidelines provided from the scan are very beneficial to use as a roadmap and I would certainly recommend Dr. Allen's work to anyone in need."

Try a Scan, ...You'll "Be Hooked!"

"The first time Dr. Allen did a scan on me, I didn't think he would come up with anything. I felt that my life was in order and things were great. Thirty minutes later, I was facing issues I had buried for years and had effectively hidden from counselors over many years of therapy. Since that first scan, I have experienced new awareness's and am learning to become more conscious 'in the moment.' This is a difficult system to describe to others; however, I am convinced that once a person tries a scan, they will be hooked. Each session with Dr. Allen has increased my clarity and has led me down a road to better self awareness. Any time I can recommend your system, I will do so."

"A Helpful Relief during my Trying Times!"

"Well Dr Allen's BodyTalker session has certainly stirred up my life. I was not enjoying the numbness I was living in my life, and after the session with him and the BodyTalker I could not ignore the true picture of my relationship any more, and as a result I have started dealing with a very difficult life passage, to say the least. The support of the BodyTalker and the counseling Dr Allen gave, have been a helpful relief during my trying times. I am grateful for the device and Dr Allen's knowledge to interpret the results of the scan. Thank you for all of your persistent hard work to develop and maintain such deep work."

"I Now Clearly See Patterns that kept me Stuck!"

"I am very grateful for the work with Dr Allen and the BodyTalker Scan. Through it, I feel as though I am coming out of a layer of deep sleep. The scan information was all very familiar to me, because of other healing work I had done. However, through the follow-up work, I am now seeing more clearly how specific behavior patterns have kept me stuck in the past in certain ways, and how much my dragons have depended on those patterns to keep things familiar by repeating these decisions and behaviors. Now I see that everything can move forward if I maintain the courage and awareness to act and speak in immediate ways that are supportive to myself moment by moment."

"The Scan...puts Mirrors on your Walls!"

"Dr. Allen's scan sessions have consistently provided me with clarity about previously subconscious behavior and emotional reactive patterns that were not serving me well, and that I could never understand why they kept happening to me. But the scan made it very clear, why and how these things were happening to me, and that they would continue to happen until I did things differently. As I tried to correct these patterns, again and again the scan showed all the escape routes I used to think I had changed them, when I really hadn't. I felt like I was living in a 23-sided mirrored structure, so that everywhere I turned to escape or explain away these patterns, they were thrown daily back into my face. It felt like there was no way out often, but then I would see the little door -- the obvious door -- that would enable me to leave this entire confining structure. Before the scan I didn't know I was in this structure because there were no mirrors on the walls. I have made major changes in my life because of the scan. Some have been very difficult and uncomfortable, but once you see the door, you know it's the only way out, to get beyond the limits holding me back. Of course, I still see them and still run into them. I guess you could say I still run back into the structure under certain circumstances, but now the mirrors are still there and I can't hide from what I'm doing."

"My Life Changed after My Scan!"

"My life changed after the scan session as follows: I became more aware of my breath -- its shallowness much of the time. I began spending ten minutes each morning before getting out of bed not just praying but breathing consciously and more fully. What a wonderful way it has been to rebirth each day and live more in the ever-present now. I feel more able to go with the flow. Thanks."

"It pinpointed what Blood Tests have Not!"

"Indeed! Your scans are beneficial and accurate. They have pinpointed some problems that up until now, have only been able to trace via blood tests -- and your scans have even located things that blood tests have not! I have taken steps 'homeopathically' to remedy them, however, I believe the first step in curing any problem is recognizing it, and being more consciously aware of what the problem is, has helped tremendously. I thank you so much for your much needed help, and enlightening work."

"Only Complaint! ...Not Taping my Sessions!"

"Just a quick note to give you feedback. The (average) human mind retains only 7-10% of what we heard for the first time. The only possible complaint I have is that I did not tape our sessions. I can't think of how many times that I wish I had my session on tape, to refer to, rather than my choppy notes, which distracted my actual listening to you when you spoke, and of course, I only retained a small percentage of what you said and that's it!!!! I think before a session begins it would be nice to have the session taped."

"Being Proactive vs. Reactive Stuck with Me!"

"Hi Dr Allen, We haven't spoken in awhile, but I have thought about my session with you often and although life has been a definite roller coaster, our session has applied to some permanent changes I've made in how I look at things. One thing I distinctly remember is boiling the feedback down to my not understanding where my outer boundaries were until some kind of energy had gotten in too far and made a crisis out of something that didn't need to be. This led to the idea of proactive vs. reactive in life and that is what stuck with me as a way to be more empowered and less victimized. It also gave me more impetus to listen to and trust my gut instincts, something I was not good about at all previously. No one ever quite cut to the chase in such an understandable and palatable manner before, like, you find something that is so true from the inside out that efforts to deny it would be futile. I find now that I can see very clearly what happens and how much tension and fear build up when I don't do those two things (trust my gut instincts and be proactive) and how those habits define my choices and therefore my life path. Although old habits die hard, the choices and lessons are obvious now."

Dr Allen's Clinical/Scientific Story...

"The BodyTalker" gives more clinical insights from a ‘one minute scan' ...than I ever got from doing a ‘year or more' of traditional therapy with clients! Thus, it provides a rare and incredible Clinical opportunity to Scientifically Define/Integrate physical, emotional, mental and Spiritual health using a real ‘Science with an Organic Model' that clearly reveals Who we really are, and How we really function!

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