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The “Town of Allopath” (TOA) video (http://www.mercola.com/townofallopath/index.htm) is a hilarious portrayal of how conventional HYPOTHETICAL THINKING about Reality does NOT work (despite confused short-sighted views that may “look” otherwise)!


When THE big ‘R’ Reality’ & OUR little ‘r’ hypothetical reality’ don’t mesh: by definition we’re CONFUSED!

This VIDEO STORY (TOA) graphically shows how our prescriptive, hypothetical constructs of “reality” CONFUSE energetic Reality (as defined by descriptive Laws and Ways of the Tao of energy).

When the Laws and Ways of energy are violated, they manifest confusion into what we call problems or symptoms with MESSAGES. These problems will correct themselves IF we become conscious enough of the message to clearly perceive & express them effectively …we create solutions instead of problems!

For instance:  If our confusion prevails over our in-the-moment decisions, we create drag on our Spirit Life-force energy flow of bio-electrical power to our 23 organ/gland energy systems that perceive and express!  When these circuits of personal power are flowing properly we have ALL the power we need to create anything our Spirit desires just by staying focused on it and learning to enjoy the ride!

If we DON’T connect to our powers, the confusion of “SKID MARK DISEASE” (SMD see TOA) can devour our entire LIFE in terms of ourTIME and ENERGY!

We feel confused and depressed’ when we invest in unreal ideas (SMD’s) that turn out to be phony investments that produced NOTHING …AND sometimes cost us EVERYTHING!

The GOLDEN RULE OF REALITY is that ONLY investments in Reality CAN & WILL pay off long term!

Your’ most valuable Reality investment …is YOU! (Since; YOU are responsible for everything in your life)

SO, investing in the REAL YOU to “Know Thyself” is your MOST WORTHY INVESTMENT!

You NEED to know WHO you are & HOW you function ENERGETICALLY to maximize your power!

BECAUSE, you’re in charge of (responsible for) whatever YOU DO (whether you’re Clear or Confused)!

You must CONCEPTUALIZE Reality clearly to be able to see and understand it for what it is: ENERGY!

Clear conceptualizations allow you to THINK clearly in your PERSONAL PRESENT moments of decisions for when, where, who, why, and how YOU ‘make things happen’ in your life so you either create …the dreams of your FUTURE …or the nightmares of your PAST!

In your moments of ‘personal power’ you either GIVE UP YOUR POWER or CLAIM YOUR POWER! You give up power by NOT BEING true to your Self (what your organ/gland Spirit feelings tell you) …You claim power by BEING true to what your higher Self tells you …and DOING what aligns with that truth.

After 40 years with 1000s of clients, I noticed certain CONFUSIONS of Reality (SMD’s) that reappeared over and over with clients. My job was to CLARIFY their confusions so they could think & process their life clearly with concepts that accurately reflect energetic Reality (so they can AVOID creating & maintaining long term problems).

I’ve identified 100+ (and counting) of our most basic human CONFUSIONS about Reality that GO AGAINST the Laws of energy (that define our most basic level of Reality: energy).

This CONFUSION about how Reality = energy (everything is energy) and ENERGY always operates according to the Laws/Way of ENERGY)…causes MOST human problems & prevents elegant solutions.

So CONFUSIONS about Reality default into defensive ‘backward thinking’; closely followed by ‘backward walking’ …causing you to ‘go backward’ in your LIFE …and get where you DON’T want to go too fast!

Following such defensive strategies for surviving PROBLEMS …instead of creating SOLUTIONS is a CONSCIOUSNESS issue!  In other words: having consciousness for Reality quick enough to stay ahead of the ‘curve’ …is the only time when YOU produce and regenerate!

The difference between staying ‘ahead of the curve’ …and being ‘behind the curve’ is sometimes only fractions of a second (i.e. Olympic gold medals).

When your consciousness is BEHIND THE CURVE – you must go into defense to survive being ‘behind the curve’ (or “the 8 ball”)! The elegant solution is always to stay AHEAD OF THE CURVE by BEING CONSCIOUS enough in-the-moment to make clear quick appropriate decisions/actions: which is always about:  what you know, WHEN you know it, and WHAT you do ABOUT IT ...and HOW WELL you do it?

CONSCIOUSNESS begins with CLEAR CONCEPTS that accurately reflect Reality as energy, in your mind …so you can think/PROCESS your LIFE clearly, quickly and appropriately (which ALWAYS gives YOU more Personal Power because you are making clearer decisions that are directing quicker actions).

My 123 CONFUSIONS & CLARIFICATIONS identify our primary CONFUSIONS OF THOUGHT that I have found confused people using in how they ‘THINK’ about and ‘SEE’ Reality as something that does NOT exist, which they may believe in VERY STRONGLY! 

When you learn to see clearly and do quickly in alignment with the Laws of energy ...you maximize your personal power SO you are able to create whatever your Spirit really WANTS!

To further facilitate this process of clarifying Reality, we have created an internet BLOG to discuss any CONSCSIOUSNESS TOPICS for all to see and discuss.  AS clarity happens; you will better notice quicker …when and what is needed in your behavior so the force (of the Laws/Ways of energy) is with YOU so you SUDDENLY see everything much more CLEARLY & QUICKER. This is Personal Power!

Join Kristy and I on our BLOG at; http://theconsciousview.wordpress.com/ to discuss any and all issues of consciousness that relate to YOU and anything we say about how to claim your PERSONAL POWER.

Clarity is a POWERFUL TOOL!

My 123 Primary Conceptual Confusions & Clarifications are NOW available (what my clients have used for years to successfully to PROCESS their LIFE for more POINTS & fewer PENALTIES) – the BUY NOW button is at the bottom of this page on my web site: www.ConsciousnessSystems.com


Dean G Allen, PhD
Wellness Consciousness Consultant


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