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by Dean G. Allen PhD

123 Essential INSIGHTS that transform Consciousness for 2012 and Beyond!

RAISE YOUR CONSCIOUSNESS to Claim your 23 Personal Powers!

Clarity of Mind with Purity of Heart

Elegant Human Solutions come from Clear Conscious (Thoughts/Thinking) Concepts that Mirror Energetic Reality!

CONSCIOUSNESS: Thought CONCEPTS that FUSE with energetic Reality!

CONFUSION: Thought CONcepts that don't FUSE with energetic Reality!

CONFUSION 'seems' like it 'should be' "REAL" (IF & BUT) except its NOT!

SO Reality CONFLICTS create [con-fusion resulting from our CONCEPTS being opposed to (not fusing with) Reality: Laws of ENERGY] ALL PROBLEMS!

PROBLEMS, when decoded have 'conceptual messages' that can align our CONSCIOUSNESS, with our Spirit's REGENERATIVE THINKING to allow us to SOLVE OUR PROBLEMS ...rather than just SURVIVING them!

See Dr Allen FREE "How to Play The Game of Life" Reality Radio (on TV) Show: http://www.realcoachingradio.net/content/consciousness-systems

Dean G Allen, PhD - Wellness Consciousness Consultant
Welcome Truth Seekers

Science can now decode our 253 organ/gland electrical energy circuits of drag/flow into the specific decisions made by our UNCONSCIOUS trauma memory ISSUES that (over time) program our problems into our TISSUES!

CONSCIOUSLY SEEING Where & When & Why & What & Who & How your UNCONSCIOUS patterns are creating YOUR LIFE, gives you the CONSCIOUSNESS for creating Elegant Solutions to all your problems!

Only consciousness for WHO YOU ARE & HOW YOU FUNCTION lets you make choices that CONSCIOUSLY align with the Laws/Ways/Tao of energy THAT give you your PERSONAL POWER!

Dean G Allen, PhD has used this Organ/Gland Infrared Science for 23 years and empowered 1000's of clients...

...to become conscious enough of their ‘unconsciously programmed decisions' to make clearer decisions quicker; AND then learn to express their truth more clearly quickly and appropriately, which creates what they really want in/from their LIFE!

Dr Allen began his consciousness career in 1977 by teaching a PSYCHOLOGY OF CONSCIOUSNESS course at Boise State University. He then worked as a Wellness Consultant for the Times Publishing Company teaching "Wellness & Stress Management" to 100's staff and executives for 5 years during the 1980's in Florida.

Dr Allen then met Louise L Hay, who became his first INFRARED SCANNER client in 1987, who later said:

"This system will Blow Your Mind!"

Louise L. Hay

Best Selling Author of "You Can Heal Your Life"

"Clients gladly pay me $1000's for my 40 years of study, research and experience, to empower them with consistent clear-quick-appropriate PERFORMANCE MOMENTS that are consistent "GREAT SCENES" in their MOVIE of THEIR LIFE!

I have coached 1000's of clients to clearly see how their LIFE & BODY PROBLEMS (physical diseases, emotional dysfunctions & mental confusions) MIRROR their HEALTH, BUSINESS and RELATIONSHIP PROBLEMS!

This TRUTH is Self Evident and UNDENIABLE!

The MESSAGE is always there... IF you can DECODE it!

The Most Costly Personal Error humans make, is to unconsciously allow trauma memory to DRAG on our Personal Power so we DON'T SHOW UP in our Life clearly and quickly to appropriately  express our truth (so we can be effective, productive and regenerative)!

WHEN we don't SHOW UP we can't discriminate WHO (Spirit or drag) and WHAT is acceptable to our Spirit! We must only OPEN UP to Spirits; and we must always BOW OUT from 'drag' on our Spirit Life-force energy flow (otherwise we enable and become the problem)!

ALL HUMAN PERSONAL PROBLEMS COME FROM 'DRAG ON' SPIRIT LIFE FORCE ENERGY FLOW! (mostly from unconscious drag (of trauma memory) on our performance in our moments of truth that would allow our Personal Power to create our solutions!

Without clarity to direct our strategy (in-the-moment) to DISCERN WHO (clearly/quickly) is SAFE to be vulnerable with in Trustworthiness ...from WHO & WHAT is/does NOT have our best interest in mind!

ALL PERSONAL PROBLEMS come from when we are NOT clear enough, quick enough to PERCEIVE and EXPRESS our 23 Personal Powers!

If we don't express our power ...we reinforce, enable and maintain defensive short term survival patterns that degenerate us from being misaligned with how the Laws/Ways of energy work to regenerate Life-Force!

Insanity is "Doing the Same Thing - Expecting Different Results"

Einstein said "You can't solve a problem from the level of CONSCIOUSNESS that created it"

HOW have I been able to empower 1000's of clients with personal FULFILLMENT, WELLNESS & PERFORMANCE POWER in THEIR LIVES?

I use science to OBSERVE/decode clients' problems (violations of Laws/forces of Reality/energy) into their specific decisions that create drag on their specific circuits of POWER that result in their problems!

I see many clients CLEAR their CONSCIOUSNESS to connect with Reality (Laws/Tao/Ways of energy) and claim their power to dramatically change their Life!

They go from being DEPRESSED to being INSPIRED by being CLEAR, quick enough to claim their personal powers in their 'moments of truth/power' in their LIFE!

These clients live happier, more peaceful lives of fulfilment TODAY because they SHOW UP and direct their Life from clarity, which empowers their fulfillment!

YOU can do this too ...IF you LEARN the Rules & the Tools of energetic Reality (available in eBook) and FOLLOW them in YOUR LIFE clearly and quickly!

See how other Professionals view Dr Allen's work...

Louise L. Hay; Norm Shealy, MD, PhD, & Rudolph Ballentine, MD, have all heard what Dr Allen is saying...

Read what they say...

"This system is light years ahead of any other form of therapy, and I highly recommend it to anyone who really wants to release old patterns"
Louise L. Hay

Best Selling Author of "You Can Heal Your Life"

" After many hours (with Dr Allen) ...I was impressed by the profound insights into the relationship between my own bodily functions and the psychological and emotional issues..."

from “RADICAL HEALING; to Create a New Transformative Medicine" by Rudolph Ballentine, MD

“Perhaps the most sophisticated and highly evolved system (of modern techniques)…involves an infrared scan of the face …based on 23 specific areas, computerized correlations with corresponding sets of organ and mental and emotional traits yields a complex personality inventory. After many hours of psychological counseling (with Dr Allen) based on this scan, I was impressed by the profound insights into the relationship between my own bodily functions and the psychological and emotional issues that emerged.”

“RADICAL HEALING: Integrating the World’s Great Therapeutic Traditions to Create a New Transformative Medicine”

by Rudolph Ballentine, MD

What Dr. Allen's Clients say

"My sessions with Dr. Allen have been truly life changing."

"In Dr. Allen's work, I found a healing modality that clearly shows all the pieces..."

"I came to see how these core wounds and beliefs created every "problem" I have..."

"My sessions with Dr. Allen have been truly life changing. This work has revealed to me the root causes of all the ways in which my life has been a struggle from being out of balance on all levels from the physical to the spiritual."

"In Dr. Allen's work, I have found a healing modality that clearly shows me all of the pieces of my own personal life puzzle in all of it's intricacy. I am now better able than ever before to make conscious decisions about my future based on what I have learned about myself through my BodyTalker scan."

"In my sessions, we traced back through traumatic events I experienced and the decisions (resulting from them) that I (unconsciously) made about my life, my self, and life in general. I came to see how these core wounds and beliefs created every "problem" I have experienced in my life."

Dr. Allen's many clients continue to make profound REGENERATIVE LIFE CHANGES as they become CONSCIOUS of what/how their 23 Organ & Gland Energy System FUNCTIONS are designed to Perceive (SEE & FEEL) and Express (SAY & DO) ...appropriately and effectively as quickly as possible! Click here to see more of Dr Allen's client testimonials

"This system of theory and technology is a revolutionary perception of who we are and how we function as an integrated body of emotions, mind and Spirit..."

C. Norman Shealy, MD, PhD

"This system of theory and technology is a revolutionary perception of who we are and how we function as an integrated body of emotions, mind and Spirit Life-Force energy flow. Alternative practitioners have long been looking for scientific methods to measure and validate their claims of changes in the subtle-energies of disease, disorder and dysfunction, in their clients. I urge my colleagues to examine this system."

C. Norman Shealy, MD, PhD

Founder of the American Holistic Medical Association

Finding & following each problem's MESSAGE to create its SOLUTION ...is PERSONAL POWER!

IMAGINE how different YOUR LIFE would be IF You LIVED EACH DAY connected to and expressive of ...your 23 PERSONAL POWERS!

The amazing part IS, your personal success is ONLY the begining... NEXT clients' FAMILIES CHANGE simply by them being clearer in their thinking so they make more aligned decisions that direct actions which create conscious solutions for everyone's personal power!

Believe me, I've been CONFUSED about the nature of Reality??? ...just like you may be in right now...

I remember clients coming to ME for help to CLARIFY their Reality (of mental confusion and emotional dysfunction from physical disease), which created uncertainty in their LIFE)!?!?!?

... I prayed for the CLARITY to see and understand my clients' problems and solutions ...so I could REALLY help them PROCESS LIFE more CLEARLY & PERFORM their Life with more PERSONAL POWER ...that would creates their solutions!

NOT being able to effectively show clients how the ENERGY GAME of LIFE WORKS (since we all are forced to play this GAME every day!) AND since EVERYTHING in our LIFE completely depends on HOW well we PLAY this game ...as a therapist I WAS VERY DEPRESSED!!!

SO, in 1987 I quit the inadequate ways and views of traditional psycholgy!


NOW my clients energize me BECAUSE I can show them HOW the GAME OF LIFE works as an ENERGY GAME that is defined by the Rules/Laws of energy (the energy sciences are physics and metaphysics).

I NOW use INFRARED SCIENCE to track personal energy flow circuits to show patterns that reveal their cellular programming code for homeostasis. Then I use their body's organic (organ/gland) format to decode and reveal their SPECIFIC 'unconscious decisions' that are creating their problems!

TOGETHER we identify WHERE & WHEN & WHAT & WHO & WHY & HOW these decisions are being made in their life (to create the drag that prevents them from fulfilling their divine intent). Then I coach them on THEIR PERFORMANCES in the MOVIE of their LIFE, which they PERFORM EVERY DAY!!!

DIRECTING your MOVIE (of your Life) with the clarity of SCIENCE and the WISDOM of your 23 organ/gland energy systems IS PROFOUND ...and MAKES ALL the difference in terms of your SUCCESS with everything!!!

Enlightening your personal pathway by seeing who you are and how you function as 23 ORGANIZED SYSTEMS OF ORGAN/GLAND ENERGY ...is PERSONAL POWER!

Doing this allows anyone who seeks Truth ...to claim their personal power by FIRST being CONSCIOUS of their 23 organ/gland energies and THEN learning to express them (clearly, quickly and appropriately)!

The HOW TO PLAY THE GAME OF LIFE eBook reveals 100+ ESSENTIAL INSIGHTS that allow humans to THINK CLEARLY about Reality!

It does this in 10 chapters that build a foundation of concepts sequenced to REVEAL the big picture of INTEGRATED WELLNESS as primarily being a clear conscious connection with our 23 systems of ENERGY!

For $17.00 you will walk an enlightened pathway of clear concepts of Self discovery that energetically align with Reality!  These are the SECRETS to Personal Power!

The HOW TO PLAY THE GAME OF LIFE eBook is the RULE BOOK for the CONSCIOUS INSIGHTS that clarify how YOUR ENERGY GAME OF LIFE really works!

This eBook upgrades your CONSCIOUSNESS with the MANUAL of INSIGHTS on HOW Reality works in terms of health, wellness and fulfillment energy in YOUR LIFE!

It includes FREE Upgrades for new material that will be added continuously, plus Blog (i.e. The Conscious View) to help clarify our HUMAN REALITY MORE CLEARLY from the bottom line ENERGETIC point-of-view.

I wish I had known these Secrets revealed in this eBook during my own years of CONFUSION!!!

Instead, I learned these costly secrets through the challenging experiences of exploring everything I could find. AND I spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on higher education and personal exploration ONLY TO FIND many CONCEPTS woefully inadequate  for clearly seeing/understanding how we are designed to function as INTEGRATED human energy systems!

Am I saying that if you LEARN these Realities, all your problems will go away overnight?

No, of course not...

In the REAL WORLD there are NO Points for Knowing Solutions!

POINTS come ONLY from PERFORMING clearly, quickly and appropriately - CONSISTENTLY ON CUE (with near perfection of TONE and TIMING)!

(You must LEARN & KNOW effective and productive Script, Tone & Timing ...BEFORE you can learn to PERFORM them most successfully!)

As CLARITY for Reality seeps into consciousness You begin to express your truth more clearly, quickly and appropriately; AND ...YOU begin to have more Personal Power, which creates more of what your Spirit REALLY wants to inspire your life!

NOW you begin PERFORMING more clearly and quickly and of course, You have MORE Personal Power! 

After many times of PERFORMING Clearer & Quicker ...with more and more Conscious Performances in YOUR LIFE's MOVIE ... WATCH OUT because NOW you will SEE how your power comes from YOU spontaneously from just being Who You Really Are! 

Clarity allows YOUR LIFE TO WORK for YOU!

This is why I created the eBook INSIGHTS that provide the steps to personal consciousness with CLARITY for energetic Reality! This CLEARS the confusions that create our problems every day in our life!

I'm weary of seeing people emotionally & mentally CONFUSED by distorted perceptions of "Reality" that don't actually FUSE with Reality ...AND are often creating the very problems they pretend to SOVLE!

I have used these proven strategic INSIGHTS (in my eBook) for 40 years with 1000's of clients to help them shine their light of conceptual clairity to SEE HOW & WHEN & WHERE & WHAT decisions/actions they are making, which are creating their problems!

We then work together we use coaching to CORRECT those PERFORMANCE problems with conscious decisions and actions aligned with the FORCE of the Laws of energy!

Then, 'The Force' of Personal Power is WITH YOU!

AND the best thing about doing this work is...

  • You don't need to be a genius
  • You don't need to know about psychology
  • You don't need to know how Life really works
  • You only need to accept Reality (Laws of energy)
  • You only need $17.00 to see Reality/energy clearly
  • You don't need concepts without Scientific Reality
  • You NO LONGER need be CONFUSED by LIFE!

My INSIGHTS connect YOU with your unconscious knowing (your truth) so YOU better connect more naturally with your Spirit to follow your PASSIONS!

Your Spirit is motivated by More Points with Fewer Penalties in Your Game of Life ...which is done by releasing the DRAG on your PERFORMANCE ...causing you to NOT express your Personal Power!

"Discover YOUR PERSONAL POWERS ... and learn how to EXPRESS them NOW!"

When you download my eBook you'll begin to see how specific CONFUSIONS create specific CONFLICTS with Reality (which ALL together create ALL our problems).

But that's not all...

CONSCIOUSNESS about Reality answers all the questions of life on HOW our world works energetically so YOU can be more effective and productive at creating a LIFE of health/wellness (the only thing that REALLY matters).

Knowing HOW the Energy Game works, lets you learn to be more conscious of when & where & how & who & what & why your drag is draging on YOU!  This lets you consciously get ahead of THE CURVE by learning to...

  • Identify Your Truth (what you See/Feel as true)
  • Accept yourself (good & bad) as You Truely Are
  • Avoid #1 problem of Confusion about Reality!
  • Perform Ahead-of-The-Curve: Express for Success
  • Discover Personal Power is about releasing DRAG
  • Use Infrared to see Energy Flow Problem (in 5 min)
  • Act clear/quick to choose Win-Win; not Lose-Lose
  • Ask Simple Questions of Self to help Clarify Reality!
  • Be open to Conscious Ideas ...so ALL Winner WIN!
Tweets of Consciousness Book Image Thumb


Clarity for Reality allows Harmony with Reality, and the ability to SEE others who accept and LIVE in Reality!

So if you are serious about SHOWING UP in your LIFE for your SELF you need to LIGHT the energy pathway!

BUT, I CAN'T shine Light on your Pathway until You give it VALUE (see light on your path as valuable)

CONSCIOUSNESS (as it turnes out) is ONLY for those who Seek Truth with Pleasure!

Truth Seekers naturally seek Truth for the pure intrinsic pleasure of being conscious of Reality! 

When you make Life Work for You; you make Life a WIN-WIN for everyone in your life because You LIVE by expressing what is TRUE for YOU (and then you get to observe WHAT HAPPENS when you express your truth, and see who acts like a Spirit, and who acts like a dragon?

Real Power requires A Truth Seeking Consciousness!

"I clarify this point in a FREE Bonus I would like to give you that shows how living your life in Conscious Clarity gives YOU Personal Power!

This Bonus tells you "HOW Clarity Gives You Power"

Knowing this jump-starts your consciousness journey on topics and issues that will enlighten your pathway into an awakened NEW FUTURE!


FREE UPGRADES until 12/21/2012

Your BONUS is FREE UPGRADES until 12/21/2012 of Dr Allen additional TWEETS, BLOGS and CLARIFYING INSIGHTS so this a BOOK HAS LEGS to GROW with YOU by following our online discussions on these 100+ TOPICS and by downloading the most recent UPGRADE of this eBook.

You've got NOTHING TO LOSE (but drag) by following the pathway of consciousness enlightened by Truth - 100% quality guarenteed; and Reality tested!

If you're not 100% satified with the quality of light shined on the pathway to personal empowerment, which jumpstarts your clarity for the concepts, decisions & actions essential for wellness and personal power?

Then, I'll give you an unconditional guarantee!

Take this 1st step on your pathway to personal power by buying my eBook and IF it doesn't gives you considerable clarity that enlightens YOUR pathway to personal empowerment - then I will return your money!

100% Quality Satisfaction Guarenteed & Reality Tested

"Lighting your pathway to clear decisions & actions, creates Mental & Emotional Wellness

You either seek TRUTH ...or you fear TRUTH?.

If you FEAR knowing How your Energy Game Works?


Personal Power is BEING CLEAR about how your decisions/actions align with the Rules/Laws of energy to create your LIFE the way you REALLY want it to BE!

Follow this sequenced Pathway of INSIGHTFUL conscious decisions that 1000's of my clients have used to claim their Personal Power and create the LIFE they always really WANTED!

You've got Nothing to Lose EXCEPT 'drag' from CONFUSION!

And remember...

The longer You WAIT the more DRAG from CONFUSION will direct your LIFE's GAME (that EVERYTHING depends on)!

CONFUSION denies you from seeing Reality clearly enough to claim YOUR Personal Power!

So let's get started.

Click BUY NOW to get downloading instructions for your eBook to be delivered to your email RIGHT NOW!

With Love'n Light,

YES many frauds/scams exist, BUT we must be able to discriminate between the frauds ...with CLARITY that integrates and EMPOWERS you to get what your Spirit really wants.

Bottom Line: These INSIGHTS are NOT generally KNOWN, BUT they are critical CONCEPTS about Reality that will make your world make a LOT MORE SENSE!

© Copyright Consciousness Systems

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